Mara's Mindwheel for Traders - 7 Zones for Winning Trades.

Chances are your life-style, trade-style, risks-handling & more are making you lose.


Welcome to Mara's #MindWheel. A trading philosophy that helps you master the market as you master your mood, and master your life. There's nothing on earth like it.

1. Environment 2. Tradestyle 3. Risk-itudes 4. Pattern Mastery 5. Art Of Trading 6. Write Right 7. Vision-vestment

1. Environment

Trader Lifestyle Icons

(Priorities, Meditation, Surroundings)

Does your trading environment fit you? When was the last time you checked? Do you have clarity? Could key elements have greater clarity?

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2. Tradestyle

Tradestyle Icons

(Systems, Timeframes, Books, Tactics)

Have you explored a variety of trading systems and styles?  Have you found the timeframe that works best for you?  That feels right?  There are thousands of tactics, the key is lining it up with your personality.

3. Risk-itudes

Risk-itudes Icons

(Attitudes towards risk, Fear vs. greed)

Where do your trades fall on the Fear vs Greed spectrum?  Are you closer to the betting the farm type or clinging to pocket change?  Winning traders find balance, leverage, and asymmetric reward:risk. They manage it throughout the trade.

4. Pattern Mastery

Pattern Mastery Icons

(Go beyond charts, Feel the trade)

The market IS human emotion on parade.  We can see collective hope, fear, & greed materialize before us.  Learn how to read it.

5. Art Of Trading

Art Of Trading Icons

(Execution, Sizing, Brokers)

Betting the right amount at the right time, and ensuring it happens rests not only on you, but on your team (including your broker).  The Trade-Emotionator can help your figure that out!

6. Write Right

Write Right Icons

(Journaling, Planning, Review, Tracking)

Trading w/ clarity involves writing out your plans, reviewing them, and tracking them.  It helps us learn and evolve.  The Trade Tracker gives you core questions to ask yourself on every trade.

7. Vision-vestment

Vision-vestment Icons

(Wealth-building, Reinvesting, Philanthropy)

You made some great trades, made some money, but riches and wealth aren’t the same thing. What are you doing with it? How is it continuing to grow, to serve you, to serve others?