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It’s easier than you think. Stocks are human emotion on parade. Together we’ll train your mind to master the market.

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Average minds talk numbers. Great minds talk trades!

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We’ll work on the obvious challenges and flesh out some you’re not even aware of.  It’s often the problems that we don’t see or don’t know we have that end up stopping us the most.

For years I thought I needed better research, better analysis, better plans… but what I really needed was a better mindset. I needed an understanding of my limiting beliefs and clear resolutions to them.

Ready to take the next steps and move from where you are to where you’d like to be?

This WILL make you money, but if you’re gonna “no-show”, you’ll be black-listed.

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I only work with action takers.  If this isn’t you, see you later.  It’s nothing personal.  I’m just not the coach for you.

It's risk free.

We’ll see if we’re a match. If we are, great!  Let’s master your mind and master the market!

If you’re brand new to the market, read this first.

You should read the Trader’s Thoughtbox BEFORE going for this Trade Sesh. In my consultations we go deep fast and its over most beginners heads. It’s important that you get your feet wet Before taking a session like this. I may release a beginner course one day. This is strictly for intermediates. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

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My Approach

Every trader’s unique.  I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to trading.

Traders need help examining their beliefs.  And there are so few resources helping with this that its a f’n tragedy… until now!

My approach is simple and its custom tailored to you.

For *Zack it was all about FOMO and breaking habits of chasing trades.

For *Wade it was about trading too big and blowing himself up.

For *Katie it was about tweaking her style after her son was born.

After each session, you should leave not only with the knowledge and wisdom to help you succeed in the market, but a feeling of Inspiration that you can and you will!

Paid Plans: To TRULY UNLEASH Your Potential

I’ve coached a lot of people for free, and they do improve…

…but true wealth comes from Consistent Coaching.

Even Paul Tudor Jones gets coached by Tony Robbins.  So for smart traders who understand that regularly investing in THEMSELVES is vital, check out the plans below.

Whatever your trading destination, we’ll make a plan to get you there! 

Packages range from $150/mo to $4,000/mo depending on how often you want to meet and how fast you want to go.

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FREE Sesh (20 Min)

You’ll be amazed at the value I can provide in 20 minutes. Try it and see for yourself.

This WILL make you money, but if you’re gonna “no-show”, you’ll be black-listed.


Single Sesh, 1-Off Consulting (1hr)

Coaching works best when it’s done consistently. But we can still crush it and get a LOT done in a single hour. If that feels right, this is for you.


Custom Tailored Coaching Packages

Email me and we’ll custom design a package to take you from where your trading is now to where you’d like it to go.



“It’s painful to admit, but I was the trader who rode my account from 100k to 1.2m and all the way down on the back of Bitcoin. I met Mike and within the first 2 weeks I banked +20k. A month in and I’m up +90k! All thanks to becoming aware of my limiting trading beliefs. Changing them. And adding in a few profit taking strategies.” ~Eric


“It’s just what you told me. It’s not me that makes money. It’s my system. Focus on the system, not the dollars. HUGE mind shift for me and now the dollars are flowing! Thank You!” ~Kunal


“Trading while juggling being a nurse and a mom has been rough! It’s nuts to think how much I was getting in my own way. Thank you so much Mike! After a few quick talks and adjustments to my trading system, I’m MUCH CLOSER to quitting my day job and trading full time :-)” ~Bianca