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The real knowledge you need to win in the market with none of the BS you’ll find elsewhere.

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[Tools & Downloads] The Top 10 Things I wish someone had told me when I started trading over 20 years ago.

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Group coaching / mentoring in our very own room on StockTwits.com called “Trader’s Mindchat”. 


For serious traders who are ready to take their trading business to the next level.  Find out how during your FREE 20min session.

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[Tools & Downloads] Keep your trades clean, clear, & easy with this cheat sheet. When to enter, exit, risk, etc.


[Tools & Downloads] Answers the question “How much should you buy?” And tells you if you’re being greedy, fearful, or just right. 

About Me

Inspiring.  Authentic.  Real-talk.  Mike delivers value in a way that others in the financial world don’t.  His perspective goes deep.  Gets personal.  Discovers the roots of what is holding you back.  He works with you to solve them. To improve.

Growing your wealth is analogous to running a marathon.  It’s hard, it takes time, and if you’re willing to put in the work, YOU can do it!  Mike has done both.  There is nothing holding you back! It all starts with the BELIEF that you can!  Mike has over 20 years of market experience and a lifetime of leadership.

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Stalking A Swing Trade

Stalking A Swing Trade

If you want to swing trade, you need to have patience. Like a lion quietly waiting in the bush. You need to stalk your trades.Then when...

Avoid The “Gun Show”

Avoid The “Gun Show”

Have you ever gone to a gym or been to a beach and saw those guys with the gigantic arms and scrawny little chicken legs?This reminds me...

Challenge Yourself. Set New Standards. Get Over the Mental Wall. Be Rewarded.


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“I'm inspired more than ever. Thank you for helping me take my trading to the next level."

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“So awesome that you talk about your losses. They’re not as ‘pretty’, but they’re real, authentic, and helpful. Thank you.”


“In only 4 coaching sessions, my trading drastically improved!"

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