Trader’s Mindchat

A discussion room that gets you answers


We help you attain the CLARITY and FOCUS you need to CONSISTENTLY win in the market.  We’ll discuss the real reasons you aren’t winning… & fix them!



Real examples. Real trades. Understand market direction, finding trades, risk assessment, and more!


Our beliefs control our actions. We discuss what’s holding you back. Get raw. Share +20 years of experience. 



See the market from different angles. Understand what makes for a low risk & high reward opportunity. 


We meet weekly on Zoom to discuss the good & the bad of trades. We’re transparent & we level up together. 


Not a chat room. With discussion boards we go deep on trading topics. Get to the roots. And grow.


We love efficiency and have coded a lot in TradingView. Trader’s Mindchat members get the codes FREE!

We care about you. We want to see you succeed and are here to help you win.


The path to financial freedom and high performance in the market is together. I spent the first decade of my trading career trying to learn on my own and failing.


When I got a positive, focused group of peers and mentors around me, that’s when my trading finally started to turn around.


We have deep discussions about mindset, the market, trades, tactics, strategies, and more! It’s like the gym. The more you put in, the more you get out. A positive environment matters a lot to long term success.

Depth, Discussion, & Fun!

To learn trading, you need more than someone calling out ideas. You need context. It’s not enough to see what someone is saying. You must understand from where they are speaking. Their perspective.  


Clarity is important to us. We go deep into a Q&A and aren’t afraid to get into the weeds. This platform allows us to share images so understanding what someone means is easy.


Having fun and levity is important as well. BRING THE JOY is something we aim for. If you’re not in a calm, relaxed, or happy state, you’re not in a state to trade.

Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

In the Trader’s Mindchat Room we’re a TEAM. There are no judgments. We are all students of the market. Continuously learning, growing, and improving.  


Have a question? Want to know if you’re doing it right or see something from a different angle? Members jump right in and help flesh out ideas.



When we contribute, we learn and grow even faster! 

Stop Trading Alone.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“The stock market is more than charts, balance sheets, and news. There's a psychological element. That's something Mike Lamothe is mastering!"


“You put a lot of time, effort and love into helping me this weekend. Thanks for helping me be a better trader…”

Ryan Finlayson

“I'm inspired more than ever. Thank you for helping me take my trading to the next level."

Bryan Lewis

“I have invested for 40 years and still learn from your posts! They’re solid. I hope you keep going!"

Dr. Stocks

“Really great analysis! Easy to follow. I love your top down approach."

Arturo Lopez

“So glad to have found your site! I'm finally succeeding! Thank you for helping me create my own set of trading rules."

Eirik Kyllingstad

“Thanks Mike for all you do. I haven't had this much success trading ever before working with you."

Anthony Luliano